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Meeting the Needs of Your East Valley Business

At Ground Zero Restoration, we understand that any damage to your building is not only frustrating and expensive but also an impediment to the daily running of your business! We are here to provide fast and reliable disaster restoration services so that you can continue your business as usual. Whether there has been a severe flood or extensive fire damage, we are here with to provide you with quality options that will fit your need and your budget.

We offer commercial restoration services for the following:

  • Water damage: We understand you want quick and simple solutions to address any water damage in your business. Our technicians always complete repairs thoroughly and safely, while showing the utmost respect for your property. No matter how big the issue, we can handle it with ease!
  • Fire damage: When your building is damaged by a fire, we offer clear and professional advice regarding not only the services needed but also navigating any insurance issues. Even if the fire was seemingly minor, damage and unpleasant odors from smoke are also something that needs to be dealt with.
  • Mold damage: If you suspect mold damage or can see some glaring signs, do not delay to find a clear solution! Our workers will come through your building with top-notch equipment and eradicate your property of all damaging and unhealthy substances.

When you sign up for your free estimate, one of our staff members will assess the situation and find any problems that may be present, whether hidden or obvious. Our workers are highly trained and know to look for when surveying a building. Trust our expertise and dedicated to our customers as a sign of sure success for your next restoration project! To get started with our services, contact our team at (602) 566-9502.

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