Disaster Restoration Insurance Claims & Services in Gilbert, AZ

Going beyond Just Disaster Restoration

At Ground Zero Restoration, our goal is to provide expert and professional assistance to you and your family every step of way. Not only do we offer top-notch disaster restoration in the East Valley and surrounding areas, but also assistance regarding insurance claims. We understand that you need someone with experience and understanding of all the issues to help you get through this process.

We assist with aspects such as:

  • Documenting current damage
  • Explaining the claims process
  • Seeking reimbursement for damage

When you are facing an insurance situation and need reliable and experienced help, do not try to tackle the issues alone! Instead, trust our dedicated staff to provide unparalleled help that will get you through each part of the process. To get started and set up an appointment with our exceptional team, go ahead and call our office at (602) 566-9502.

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