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Whether small or large, fires can be a devastating blow to any home. In addition to the direct damage from flames, the extensive smoke can lead to severe damage and lingering odors that are difficult to remove. At Ground Zero Restoration, we are always ready and able to provide skillful restoration work for the families of our community dealing with fire damage. We understand that this situation is frustrating and taxing for you and your loved ones and we are here to offer professional options.

Effects of Fire Damage and Smoke Damage

Fires in your home, whether small or large, can be extremely destructive to your belongings and your property alike. Many items may be severely damaged the fire, with charring, melting, ashing or other severe damage. Other items may be merely scorched or covered with soot. And there may be additional water damage from the work involved to put out the fire.

If you’re dealing with fire damage to your home, the first and most important step is to ensure the structure is safe before entering. In some cases, the structure of a building will be compromised to the extent that components of the building could collapse, creating a dangerous situation. If the building is safe, you can begin to inspect the extent of the damage, but it is best to call on a professional fire damage restoration service before beginning any attempts to clean up the aftermath. Using the wrong chemicals or techniques can worsen the damage instead of helping to remove the soot and odor.

Fire Restoration Services

A key element of recovering after a fire requires determining which elements of your home are worth salvaging and which require full replacement. At Ground Zero Restoration, we have the experience necessary to make this distinction and provide an honest, upfront assessment of your situation. Belongings and building components that are charred, ashen or melting likely won’t be salvageable. But items or building elements that are scorched or simply have an embedded odor of the fire may warrant remediation.

Our fire solutions include a wide variety of essential services, such as:

  • Detailed assessments
  • Odor control
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Smoke and protein removal
  • Damage control

Our experienced fire damage restoration staff will be able to determine whether fire remediation efforts will likely be effective for certain pieces of furniture, curtains, or entire rooms. We’ll perform the work necessary to keep as much of your home intact as possible. For the elements that are not salvageable, we’ll work on fire restoration efforts to rebuild your property and restore it to as good as new.

We offer 24-hour emergency services, so you can know that we will be there right when you need us. The safety and wellbeing of your family are our chief concern, and this commitment shines through in everything we do. If you are reeling from a fire disaster and need fast, professional help for your building, talk to Ground Zero Restoration right away. To learn more about disaster restoration in Gilbert, call our team today at (602) 635-3032!

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